保安员 Security Officer

  • 上海
  • 经验不限
  • 高中
  • 可提供吃
  • 五险一金
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  • 技能培训
  • 带薪年假
  • 岗位晋升
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  • 年底双薪
  • 管理规范
  • 人性化管理
  • 员工生日礼物
Main Duties:
· 熟悉酒店各细节布局,定位和功能:
To be fully conversant with every detail of the hotel layout and the location and
functions of:
- 喷淋系统及烟雾探测器;
Sprinkler system and smoke detectors
- 灭火器材及紧急出口;
Fire fighting equipment and emergency exits
- 消防控制室和消防指示仪表板;
Fire control room and fire indicator panels
- 紧急疏散/公共广播系统;
Emergency evacuation / public address systems
- 酒店外紧急集合区;
Emergency assembly area outside hotel
- 消防/炸弹威胁和安全程序;
Fire / bomb threat and security procedures
- 电梯;
- 紧急报警电话号码;
Emergency phone numbers
- 急救设备
First aid equipment
· 为酒店,客人及员工提供财产安全,使其免遭破坏,偷窃及任何犯罪行为。
To safe guard the hotel, guest and associates’ property from vandalism, theft and any kind of crime.

· 帮助并为客人引路。
To be helpful to guests or patrons to the various outlets or functions.
· 确保员工按照酒店政策和程序上下班打卡。
To ensure that associates punch in / out and following established policy and procedures of the hotel.
· 监测和控制所有员工、访客和承包商从员工通道进出酒店。
To monitor and to control the movement of all associates, visitors and contractors leaving or entering the hotel through the staff entrance.
· 以准确有效的判断、处理各项工作。
To handle all tasks with diplomacy, tact, appropriate discretion and efficiency.
· 按照公司规定的政策和程序,协助检查员工所携带的包裹/物物品及更衣柜。
To assist in searches of staff baggage / belongings and lockers according to specified policy and procedures.
· 严格记录和控制从员工入口及卸货处进出的访客的物品。
To record and to control all visitors’ belongings / items when entering and leaving the hotel premises through the associate entrance or loading dock.
· 确保未经允许的人员不得进入酒店楼层和办公区域。
To ensure that unauthorized personnel do not gain access to the hotel floors and back of the house areas.
· 确保承包商和访客用有效证件换取酒店访问证后,方可从员工通道和卸货口进入酒店。
To ensure that all contractors and visitors to the hotel exchange their identity cards for hotel security passes when entering the hotel premises through associate entrance or loading dock.
· 应准确了解酒店外部承包商所做设备安装、工程项目及酒店改造项目的地点、情况。
To be aware of all locations of hotel equipment installation, hotel project or renovation which will be handled by outside contractors.
· 确保酒店和工作区的清洁。
To ensure the cleanliness of working areas and hotel premises.
· 用对讲机联络,保持对酒店周边地区的监测和控制。
To monitor and to control the situation around the hotel by radio telecommunication.
· 检查并确保所有监控录像设备正常运行。
To check and to ensure that all CCTV recording is properly operated.
· 检查紧急报警电话情况。
To check Operator of emergency phone alarms.
· 确保任何时间车道畅通,交通流量顺利。
To ensure the forecourt driveway is free of obstruction and the traffic flows are smooth at all times.
· 当职期间,确保所有活动和各项功能正常运行。
To ensure to check all current events, activities and functions at the time of the duty.
· 在巡逻责任区,确保客人安全和舒适。
To patrol the areas of responsibility and to ensure the safety and comfort of the guest.
· 确保安全通道无异常情况。
To ensure that the emergency escapes doors are secured.
· 确保无闲杂人员进入行李客房,消防出口,前台和宴会厅。
To ensure that no unauthorized persons stray into luggage rooms, fire exits, bell counter or function rooms.
· 确保客人在接待处办理入住和退房手续时行李安全。
To secure guest’s luggage in front office upon guest check-in / out.
· 在大厅前疏导交通,引导司机,确保门前车道不被堵塞。
To guide drivers and ensure smooth traffic control in front of Main Entrance.
· 控制酒店周围停车,采取必要行动移开未经允许停放的车辆。
To control parking along the hotel premises and take necessary actions to remove unauthorized vehicles.


  • 年龄要求:20-40岁
  • 语言要求:中国普通话-熟练
  • 现居住地:上海
  • 户籍地:上海