• 广州
  • 1年以上
  • 学历不限
  • 提供食宿
  • 岗位晋升
  • 技能培训
  • 职业规划
  • 五险一金
  • 带薪年假
  • 包吃包住
  • 年终奖金
  • 节日礼物
  • 员工生日礼物
Duties and Responsibilities工作职责
· Assist with heavy packages, coats, suitcase, etc. being alert to give assistance courteously and quickly, before having to be asked
· 主动协助客人提重包裹、拿衣服、提手提箱等,向客人提供礼貌和迅速的协助。
· Maintain a willingness to please attitude and give undivided attention to any approaching guest
· 保持令人愉悦的态度并专心接待每位到来的客人。
· Adhere to guest checking in and checking out procedures pertaining to baggage handling
· 在与行李相关的问题上,遵守客人入住和退房工作程序。
· Welcome guests at the main entrance, offering the greeting appropriate to the time of day taking particular note of repeat guests and IHG Rewards Club members
· 在正门处欢迎客人,按具体时间段向客人发出合适的问候,特别要注意常客和忧悦会会员。
· Assist arriving and departing guests by opening and closing car and taxi doors
· 为来店和离店的客人开关汽车及出租车门。
· Maintain a clean condition drive way
· 保持车道的清洁。
· Guide the guest to the Front Desk and wait behind the guest during the check-in. Keep eyes on the Front Desk Clerk who provides the signal for you to step forward and receive the room and rooming booklet from the Front Desk Clerk. Without delay, escort the guests accordingly.
· 将客人引至前台并在其办理入住手续时在其身后等待。在看到前台接待员的示意后上前从前台接待员处取得房间号和房卡,然后立即护送客人至其房间。
· Be familiar with the lift workings and emergency stairs
· 熟悉电梯和疏散楼梯的使用。
· Provide information to guests about the hotel facilities and services
· 向客人提供关于酒店的设施和服务的信息。
· Provide guest services and guidance
· 向客人提供服务和引导。
· Learn and utilize names of guests, especially repeat and long staying guests and routinely greet guests as they pass through the lobby, remaining alert to situations where he can be of assistance to guests
· 熟知并称呼客人的名字,特别是对于常客和长包房的客人,并在客人经过大厅时与其打招呼,随时留意是否有可以为客人提供服务的情况出现。
· Maintain a well groomed hair styles and wear clean, shiny well polished shoes and a neat uniform while on duty
· 上班时要保持好的发型,注意服装的干净,鞋要擦净并上光,并保持制服的整齐清洁。
· Help other employees in department, replacing them temporarily when necessary
· 帮助部门内其它员工,如有必要则暂时代理他们的工作 。
· Keep the baggage room clean and in order before going off duty on each shift
· 每次交班前均保持行李室的整洁。
· Upon arrival of newspaper, prepare them and deliver them to guest rooms, designated reading area as assigned by the Concierge Supervisor
· 当报纸送到后进行适当整理,然后按礼宾部主管的要求将其送至客人房间和摆放在指定的阅览区域。
· Use the Duty Log to document matters of importance
· 使用工作日志来记录重要事项。
· Operate Communicates equipment
· 操作通信设备。


  • 国际联号工作经验:优先
  • 年龄要求:18-30岁
  • 语言要求:英语-熟练,中国普通话-熟练,粤语-良好
  • 计算机能力:良好