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Hilton Garden Inn is the award-winning, upper mid-priced hotel brand. With high levels of service and amenities usually only found in pricier hotels, guests count on us to help them be successful when they’re on the road. Our brand launched in 1990, and today has approximately more than 600 opened hotels located all over the world- Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.希尔顿花园酒店是一个在中端市场里备受赞誉的高档品牌。因其值得信赖的服务与便利设施而获得成功的发展。入住的客人因其独特的建筑结构与与优质的服务而体验非凡的感受。我们的品牌始于1990年,目前已有600多家酒店,遍布于世界各地- 亚太区、欧洲、北美洲、南美洲以及中东地区。Hilton Garden Inn has unique brand culture to conduct all team members to the same direction. “ You can count on us” is the foundation for all that we do. Satisfaction Promise shows our service and integrity product which is one of the composition of the culture “ You can count on us”, each team member was authorized to provide satisfaction with the guests.希尔顿花园品牌有独具一格的品牌文化,指引着所有团队成员一起朝着共同方向前行。“您可以信赖我们”是我们所有文化的基础。顾客满意承诺展示我们服务与产品的诚信,是“您可以信赖我们”的组成文化之一,每一位团队成员都被授权向客人提供满意度的承诺。Hilton Garden Inn is always the brand representative of Energetic, passionate, fashionable, warm, friendly and pragmatic! Hilton has win “The Best Employer” award for many years.希尔顿花园酒店一直是充满活力、激情、时尚、温暖、友善、务实的品牌代表!“希尔顿全球”曾多次荣获年度“最佳雇主”。 We will provide comfortable working and living environment for you:我们为员工惬意的工作生活环境:★ Free, warm and convenient TM Dormitory 免费、温馨而又便利的员工公寓★ Self-service?laundry room 自助式洗衣房★ Colorful TM activities丰富多彩的员工活动★ Comprehensive social insurance and housing fund全面的社会保险及住房公积金★ Free working meals优质的免费工作餐★ Special rate for internal TMs in sister hotels集团内部酒店住宿及餐饮的员工价★ 2 days off every week, public holidays and annual leave每周双休,享受国家法定假日和年假 We will formulate development schedule for you:我们为员工制定快速成长计划:★ Customize training courses and development plan to every TMs 为每位团队成员量身定制培训课程和发展计划★ Free on-line courses of Hilton University 希尔顿网络大学免费课程★ Internal cross training among sister hotels 国内外姐妹酒店交叉培训★ Internal transfer opportunity during sister hotels 国内外姐妹酒店工作调转机会★ Internal promotion and career development opportunity in Hilton hotels 集团内的事业发展机会If you are full of passion and energy, if you are enthusiasm with your job, we kindly invite you to join in our team!现在我们诚邀充满激情、活力、热爱酒店工作的您加入到我们团队中! 酒店名称:杭州新湖鸬鸟希尔顿花园酒店酒店地址:杭州市余杭区鸬鸟镇寻梨街8号招聘电话:0571-88576688 扫描下方二维码,关注微信公众号“杭州鸬鸟新湖希尔顿花园酒店HR”,随时了解酒店一手信息。...查看全部


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